"The important thing is not to stop questioning."  - Albert Einstein

A Letter From the President:

    Since we incorporated in 1994, our mission statement remains consistent: To provide quality, cost-effective construction services to the local community by using the latest technology, utilizing high quality materials, and employing industry professionals.  I implemented this mission statement by starting out as a subcontractor specializing in wood and metal framing.  These areas of work enabled me to meet and work side by side with top notch General Contractors and their subcontractors.  After six years of watching, listening, and questioning, I developed the necessary knowledge and contacts required to succeed as a General contractor.  Since then, I have completed many residential and commercial projects; however, during the past fifteen years, Professional Building Systems has concentrated exclusively on commercial projects.

     Our 22 years of experience and flawless record in these projects has allowed me to obtain a NC Unlimited Commercial Building License, and my company is able to provide Bid, Performance, and Payment bonds. In addition to our financial stability, our staff is professional and well-trained.  We are small enough to be in close contact with our clients about the particulars of a project, but large enough to expedite them.  At any time during the day, staff members are able to contact each other in the field  by phone, email or radio.  For each job, the project manager, project superintendent and office manager, share back-up tasks so that no project detail is left unattended.  In addition, because we are a local company, we are readily accessible, at all levels, to our clients.

     During my time working in the construction industry, I have learned that no matter how large or difficult the task, if one takes the time to analyze the situation, make a plan, and use proven, time-tested techniques, any problem can be broken down into smaller tasks that can easily be handled. I invite you to visit our client feedback page and examine the job-site photos to see for yourself how I have problem-solved on my jobs.  I hope you will agree that I would be a solid choice for the role of Construction Manager/General Contractor for your upcoming project.

                                                                                                                               Mike Porco, President